Like Aladdin caressing a magical lamp, Sue Lawley coaxes meaning from chipped gravy boats, long neglected perfume bottles, antique autograph albums and tattered tablecloths. Using her proprietary Keepsake Conversations model, Dr. Lawley teaches others how to converse with special family heirlooms.

Keepsake Conversation Seminars are the opposite of the Antiques Roadshow.
Sue encourages participants to evaluate their family heirlooms, not for their financial worth, but rather, for their emotional content. With her six-part model, she helps people shape the stories of their treasured objects and share them with family members.

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Saturday, October 11TH, 2014
Treasured objects embody memories, hopes and dreams. This creative writing
workshop offers an unusual opportunity to explore memory and create family
stories through “object relations.” Your special keepsake will be the centerpiece
for several writing exercises. We will explore time, place and family relationships
through the lens of your memento.
Four Course High Tea
$60.00 per person
Bring a Friend and SAVE
$100.00 for two
Please Note: Private workshops can be arranged for your book group, writing circle or church group. Email Us for particulars.

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