'Hieroglyphics' of the Heart' by Susan Marc Lawley
Hieroglyphics are beautiful, fascinating, enduring images. So too are the poems in
Sue Lawley’s well-crafted Hieroglyphics of the Heart. In this debut collection, the
author excavates generations of family stories and decodes the universal messages
and emotions they hold. | Article from the Verona-Cedar Grove Times

Dr. Susan Marc Lawley is a leadership and life coach,
award-winning entrepreneur and inspiring writing instructor.

Since 2001, Sue has fashioned her own MFA by attending workshops and master classes with notable poets and writers
in stunning locations around the United States. Sue lives in New Jersey with her husband Bob and their dog, Oreo.

"Poems are the magic of life - Sue Lawley's even more so. Her poems cover the sweep of life from birth to death in loving, provocative and always accessible ways that enrich your own life."
- Dr. Robert Akeret

Words failed; what did family mean?/It would take a lifetime/to answer these questions.

"So writes Sue Lawley in this illuminating collection of poems reflecting generations of stories from one Italian-American family. We relish the old ways of pasta drying on chair backs and bedspreads and the rooster in the claw foot tub; we are taken to a new life in a sixteen room manor house; we grieve as one after another of the beloved family departs; we understand that possessions do not fulfill the narrator’s yearning, so she turns to her work: I feel something more precious than crown jewels.// I feel useful in the world/. This moving book illuminates every corner it explores; it is light shed by a storyteller, who is a poet.."
- Patricia Lee Lewis - Patchwork Farm Retreats - A Kind of Yellow

"This is what I predict: that you the reader will read all of the poems in Sue Lawley’s collection in one gulp. That you will read some of them twice, memorize at least two, and send favorite ones to all your friends. I predict that you will recognize the narrator of these poems as much as you would recognize an old friend."
- Eunice Scarfe - Saga Seminars IWWG Instructor

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