Sisters in Script is a gathering place for women who love to labor with words. In January of 2001, I decided to make a concerted commitment to my writing life. I searched the internet for women’s writing groups and joined the International Women’s Writing Guild. Through that network, I began attending writing conferences across the country. One event I participated in (still running today) is called Remember the Magic and it was captivating. In my first workshop that weekend, we decorated our name tags with found words. I saved that name tag; this is what it says:

Make a commitment, a resolution; name 2001 the year of the writer. Sheer indulgence, spend quality time writing. Share a peace of my mind. WRITE. Discover new ways to breathe.

The same year, I joined a local writing cluster and ten years later, I continue to meet monthly with two women, now dear friends, my original Sisters in Script. Through the intimacy of our small circle, I realize how inspiring it is to hear the stories of other women and how much I benefit from having others react to my words.

In 2005, I expanded my vision and founded Sisters in Script, a 501c3 non-profit organization with a three pronged mission:

  • We offer networking and creative writing workshops for women writers,
  • We identify and promote new voices by offering our annual self-publishing grant and providing a $1,000 award to a women who is self-publishing her debut manuscript, and
  • We call attention to beautifully crafted and written self-published books.
I invite you to browse our website, join our circle and make a resolution to your writing life.

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